mary's journey

Bethany is a woman on a mission – with a successful salon and a charity already on her books, she approached me with a new idea – to revolutionise the beauty industry. Her aim in her salon All For Mary is to encourage true confidence in her clients (not just what fashion magazines insist is in style), and Bethany wanted to take that idea into mainstream... so Mary's journey was born. 

"Mary's journey is on a mission to refocus the hair and beauty industry. Inspiring you along the journey to authentic confidence." Bethany wanted to do this by creating resources and training programs aimed at existing salons and stylists, to build empathy towards their clients and developing skills in helping their clients beyond the latest style on the catwalk.


Settling on the brand words – warm, feminine, confident, humble, authentic – and a strong connection to nature, we settled on a soft sunset colour palette and a handbrush typeface underpinned by a strong serif to represent the brand. This was brought through into social media with ideas on how it could be developed further when Bethany was ready.

I think we have a winner – the recommended direction is awesome. Thank you for all your work on this, I really appreciate it.
— Bethany Inez, Founder

Before I started designing, we did some pre-work together which guided Bethany to get clarity on what her big idea was and her motivations behind it. I then distilled this soul searching into five brand words and client personas to inform my design and to give Bethany a quick reference guide going forward.

From there, we created a shared Pinterest board to gather all of our initial ideas on what the brand style could look like. I then developed this further into a moodboard for approval, before diving into design.